Holland Manufacturing

Setting the Standard: Elevating Refractory Manufacturing With Uncompromising Quality

At Holland Manufacturing, our primary objective is to furnish you with top-tier refractory shapes tailored to enhance your operational efficiency. Our process commences with a comprehensive understanding of your specific part requirements, followed by meticulous design and mold development. Whether it pertains to tolerances, temperature requirements, material composition, shape geometry and assemblies, or any other specifications, rest assured, Holland possesses the expertise to meet your exacting standards.

Beyond conventional industry offerings, we specialize in producing intricate products, achieving performance levels that surpass those offered by other manufacturers. We’re dedicated to enhancing everything we produce via value-add efforts. Our objectives revolve around crafting top-tier refractory shapes that enhance your operations, alongside delivering exceptional customer service to assist you and your team.

A image of custom refractory shapes from refractory manufacturing.

Industries we serve

Our Broad Experience and Manufacturing Capabilities Allow Us To Serve the Most Demanding Industries

New Strategic Location

Making A Difference Throughout Latin America

We have recently expanded beyond our Chicago suburb corporate location and have opened an office in Colombia to better serve the Latin American territories.

Map of South and Central America

With our latest sales office based out of Colombia, Holland Manufacturing parts are being shipped to all regions of Latin America. With an appreciation for Made in America, customers throughout the region rave about the quality and performance of our products.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Your customer service is second to none, as is your quality, and we very much appreciate that! We are extremely happy with the performance of all your refractory and look forward continuing and building our relationship”.

– Rocky Mountain Bottle Company

“We replaced our Holland spout on our D1 shop because we had a major rebuild on this shop and felt it was a good time to take advantage of the down time. However, after looking at the spout before we took it out, I feel it could have performed for much longer. Normally with the other supplier’s spout on D1, it would need to be replaced every year and it would be in rough shape at the point of replacement. This is the best-looking spout I have ever taken out – you make such high-quality products and we are very thankful for that”.

– O-I Crenshaw