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3D CAD Design Services

The Foundation of Every Superior Refractory Part Lies In Meticulous Engineering Design

Our commitment to delivering optimal part solutions begins with attentive listening right from the outset. We recognize the critical role our parts play in meeting your exacting process demands. This comprehension, combined with our engineering expertise, positions us to tackle even the most challenging industrial performance issues.

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Leveraging our direct 3D CAD CAM capabilities, alongside our rapid prototyping process, we work with you from the beginning to design and manufacture products that will meet your specifications and exceed your performance expectations.

Bring us your challenges and together we can explore the high-quality solutions best suited for your operations.

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Precision Machined Mold Tooling

Using precision machined mold tooling, manufactured in our machine shops, we can produce products with exceptional dimensional accuracy. The strategic investment in our machine shop has marked a pivotal moment, symbolizing our commitment to enhancing efficiency and precision in our manufacturing processes. Our use of CNC machines ensures the best outcomes for all our product designs, leaning on technology and the innovation mindset of our experienced team.

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3D Printer Technologies

We remain dedicated to utilizing innovation, and embracing emerging technologies like 3D printing that continue to reshape manufacturing. With our use of 3D prototyping, we’re able to provide a faster design to manufacturing process.

New Product Design/Development Process

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  • Drawing and request submitted by customer
  • Quote from Holland
  • Order Finalized
  • Holland Perfected Drawing
    • Sent to customer for approval
  • Expert 3D CAD Mold Tooling Design
  • Manufacture of the Mold Tooling
    • CNC programming
    • CNC machining
    • Welding/Fabricating
    • QC inspection check
  • Produce Initial Piece
  • Quality Control and Customer Approval
  • Move Into Production