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About Us

Holland Manufacturing

Since our establishment in 1973, Holland’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality refractory shapes has remained ingrained in us. This commitment is the foundation of our culture to produce nothing but the best.

First and foremost, at Holland, we specialize in providing engineered solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Other suppliers may attempt to retrofit their standard products to fit your needs. Instead, we focus on custom solutions, crafting solutions engineered to fit your needs for optimal part performance from inception.

Supporting our manufacturing process is a hands-on customer service approach. We engage in active listening to understand your requirements, ask relevant questions, and tailor the highest-performing shapes for your operations. Primarily, we perceive our customer relationships as partnerships, ensuring all products adhere precisely to your specifications, while maintaining an open attitude towards adjusting product structures when needed.

Our pride in craftsmanship resonates throughout our daily operations, evidenced by our dedicated team members who continuously strive for improvement, collectively enhancing everything we do.

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